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Below is a list of the makes of products we supply.

Our Products - Cloud
Cloud Cloud 46/50

The 46/50 offers simple, direct connection of two microphones and six music sources which can be routed to feed four different output zones with up to 50W of clean audio power. The 46/50's music programme and level can be controlled remotely. A paging facility is available with the optional CDPM paging mic. So, if a simple one-box solution is required for a four zone venue, look no further than the Cloud 46/50



Paging Microphones

The CDPM range of microphones can be used for paging with several Cloud products and can be integrated with any 3rd party systems that require 'short to ground' for paging access. With four models in the range, CDPM 4, 8, 12, 16 and the ability to link 32 CDPMs together, designers can provide large, complex and flexible multi-zone paging systems.

When designing a multi-microphone paging system the microphone nearest the mixer needs to be an "I" variant, i.e. with the integral analogue interface. Any combination of mics can be used to create the system and all but the first in the system will require a local PSU


Cloud CXV-425

The increase in high quality 100v solutions has created a need for high quality and higher output amplifiers. Traditional transformer output 100v line amplifiers are inherently fraught with problems; bulky and heavy with limited frequency response and prone to saturation, all at a high cost. The transformer-less topology employed in this design will give the Installer/Contractor the perfect solution for larger commercial and industrial applications


Cloud Cloud Z8

The Z8ii offers direct connection of up to six music sources, two microphones and a paging mic, all of which can be selected to operate in up to eight different output zones, in any combination.

The Z8ii offers the complete solution for multi-zone, multi functional venues. With the ability to accept an array of input sources such as CD, Video, Satellite etc., the Z8ii is an ideal choice. It has been developed specifically to meet these needs and can act as a user friendly master control for the entire sound system. Connecting the LM-1or DM-1 active modules extends the versatility of the units allowing designers to provide simple, cost effective solutions to many customers' requirements that are difficult to achieve with other manufacturers' products