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Our Products - Electrovoice
Electrovoice SX300E

The Sx300E, with 300-watt continuous - and 1,200-watt peak - power handling, is the world's best lightweight, high-power speaker system. It delivers over 125 dB continuous with 131 dB peaks (one-watt /one-meter) at full power. Its 65 degree x 65 degree, Constant Directivity horn allows for vertical or horizontal use with identical coverage. 


Electrovoice EVID 4.2

The EVID 4.2 is perfect for a variety of environments where full-range audio is needed in a limited space: restaurants, bars, bistros, department stores, and outdoor venues. The 4.2 offers the bass response of a much larger speaker, and dual, four-inch woofers make the 4.2 a phenomenal performer. Its one-inch waveguide-coupled, titanium tweeter delivers controlled, clean mids and highs. Combine it the 4.2 with the EVID 12.1 subwoofer for an amazing listening experience. Full system protection and EV's unique Strong-Arm Mount™ (SAM™) make the EVID 4.2 a solid choice for any environment


Electrovoice Zx4

The Electro-Voice® Zx4 is designed mainly for portable applications such as performing artist, musicians, and small bands. And with an integral pole-mount, the Zx4 is ready for any main mix application. To accommodate different stage depths, the Zx4 incorporates retractable monitor feet. This allows the Zx4 to be used as a stage monitor with a 45 degree or 55 degree angle


Electrovoice MH6040AC

The Electro-Voice® MH6040AC is a wide-range, 60 degree x 40 degree, mid-bass/high frequency, Constant Directivity, horn-and-driver system. With a contractor installed high-frequency driver, it covers a 100 Hz to 20,000 Hz  range with minimal equalization