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Our Products - Penton UK
Prenton UK

Celing Tile Speakers

The RCS range of ceiling loudspeakers has been carefully designed to satisfy the most critical eye. These units are stylish yet unobtrusive and can be supplied with or without firedomes (FT & FTS versions).

Made from a pressed steel epoxy coated chassis incorporating a twin cone driver, which has a wider frequency range than the standard single cone, this makes the RCS range more suitable for use in applications where background music is a primary requirement.


Prenton UK Volume Control

The VCT range of remote audio volume controls offer high quality performance and style. Each unit features a 10-step attenuation plus OFF with non-stop selector giving a smooth variation in output level. Available in 25 watt and 80 watt versions, these volume controls offer excellent frequency response and efficiency.


Prenton UK

Spherical Loudspeakers

This range of modern styled spherical loudspeakers are true omni-directional devices, providing coverage angles of 360 degrees horizontal and 140~160 degrees vertical, giving an even dispersion over the audio spectrum. This excellent dispersion together with smooth frequency response and carefully controlled performance enable these speakers to offer solutions to many problems that arise in difficult acoustic applications.

Ideally suited for covering large open spaces such as, warehouses, open plan retail complexes, concourses, factories etc. These units are ideal for both speech and background music.

The GB20/T is supplied with a metal braided cable strong enough to carry ten times its weight and in compliance with BS5839 part8, the "C" version incorporates a ceramic terminal and thermal fuse making it suitable for use in voice alarm applications.

The SF20/T is supplied with a mounting kit for flush mounting, however, a hanging mounting kit is available as an optional extra, to enable the unit to be suspended from beams or ceilings thus offering the installer the widest choice of fixing.


Prenton UK PH Series

PH Series paging horns provide high efficiency, economy, and excellent sound quality with sturdy mounting and 70.7V output for long runs or multiple horns powered by the same amplifier. Connection is through a high quality gland-nut. The weather sealed, light gray housing is made of high impact UV protected ABS plastic and all units ship with stainless steel mounting hardware and bail mount bracket. 


Prenton UK

MSH Series

The MSH series was designed to reproduce music and voice at high levels, and is optimized for installation in larger outdoor or indoor venues, including athletic fields, country clubs, pools, gyms, and portable use such as street fairs, air shows, and similar applications. Its smooth, wide frequency response and wide dispersion angle are perfect where full range and high output are desired for music and announcement applications. 

This trouble free music horn is loaded with features designed for longevity and high level performance. Speaker complement consists of a 6 ½" backward firing weather treated cone and a smooth yet powerful horn tweeter coupled with a high powered 70V transformer. Mounting hardware is stainless steel, while the light gray ABS housing is treated with UV inhibitors for protection from the sunlight. Sealed with a silicon gasket, the rear housing has a weather tight cable gland-nut that allows for up to 20mm cable size. Mounting is via a versatile yoke bracket for precise aiming and stable support. Complete with a screen for protection against birds and nesting insects.